Activities of Daily Living Check List (Oregon/English) This is a check list of Activities of Daily Living that can be used to clarify what activities you have have problems completing. Either because you cant do them or need help with them. Disability in California is not centered on pain. While pain may be a factor what the doctors and judges are concerned about is what changes in your activities of daily living have occurred. How has your injury effected the way you live each day.  Completing this and taking it with you to your doctor or attorney will help him/her understand your limitations and effects of your injury.

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Problem Log This is a log to help an injured worker keep track of the types of problems he/she is having in completing their Activities of Daily Living, and who helps them to complete the actives now. The chart can then be taken to the doctor office in order to explain to the doctor the problems the injured worker is having.

Permanent Disability Chart 2014 (PD Chart 2014) by Med Legal Photocopy. Chart provides Disability Ratings for injuries from year 1996 to 2014. Also has valuable other reference information including maximum and minimum Permeate and Temporary  Disability rates, Life Expectancies, Death Benefits and Life Pension Amounts.

Independent Medical Review (IMR) Chart  by California Applicants' Attorney Association (CAAA). This chart shows graphically when the IMR process can be implemented.

Medical Millage Reimbursement Form. This is the official form from submission of Medical Millage.

Minute Conversion Chart. This chart converts minutes to tenths of an hour. Make billing or changes by the hour easier to calculate.

Medicare Set Aside Chart (MSA Chart) This chart by Royal MSA Consultants, diagrams when an Medicare Set Aside is needed by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) the organization in charge of securing reimbursement for Medicare expenses.

MedicalTreatment Utilization Schedule Regulations (MTUS):